UI Developer

I dream to make things possible, I love to make something beautiful, I hope to make things work, I smile to complete the task. Being socialized, I'm on Facebook Be my Friend!, Follow me on Twitter and Let's Get Connected! on Linkedin. Sometimes I post on Technical & Personal Blogs. Reachable on Email say-hi@chiranjeeb.com, Hangout on Google +, Skype c.chiranjeeb, Text +1 315 908 CHIN and Call +1 315 908 CHIN.
I code HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, theme/template for WordPress, Mobify, Responsive design, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger. Sound knowledge in SEO, SEM, php, MySQL, Apache, Movable Type, Interwoven TeamSite, HP (Palm) webOS, Mobile web, Facebook App development and know about me more...